More than 20 leadership development assessments and questionnaires are used by WCHPO facilitators. We partner with some of the best international tool providers to support leaders and organizations. Our main partners are:

Envisia Learning

The first leadership assessment was developed by neuroscientists. In collaboration with leading neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zach, Envisia Learning has created three neuroscience-based solutions that can be used to improve individual leadership, team and organizational practices. Through 13 years of field and laboratory research, we have determined that trust is a differentiating factor between high-yielding and low-yielding crops.

Dr. Paul Zack was the first who identifies a link between a key hormone called oxytocin and a number of important benefits for organizations, including increased trust, collaboration, and team effectiveness.

Our neurobiological evaluations aim to promote oxytocin more regularly, leading to a more trusting culture and higher efficiency.

Barrett Values Center

Over 20 years of experience in building leadership and building a highly effective culture based on values.

BVC Cultural Transformation Tools® are renowned for their ease of use, detailed diagnostics and insightful analysis. They are based on a proven methodology and are honed by over 20 years of practical experience used by thousands of organizations in 94 countries and more than 4,000,0000 leaders around the world.
Barrett Values Center

  • Personal Values Assessment: Take the Assessment
  • Presentation Evolutionary Coaching (values-based approach): View Now

Positive Psychology

  • Character Strengths Survey | Well-being Survey | PERMA Flourishing Questionnaire and many others: Take the Questionnaire
  • Saboteurs Assessment: Take the Assessment
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