"The amazing fact is that through mental activity alone, we can intentionally change our brain"
Richard J. Davidson

A way to personal and leadership growth is unique to each of us. WCHPO facilitators use a distinctive methodology that combines the latest discoveries in neuroscience, ancient mindfulness tools (energy, meditation), and effective leadership techniques (human potential, high efficiency) to support the way of human growth.

Neurology is the study of brain and nervous system.

Investigation of how the brain works will certainly provide valuable information for understanding our view of the world and our emotions. Research in neuroscience has skyrocketed.

For the first, technological breakthrough: scientists can accurately measure which parts of the brain are activated during cognitive or emotional processes using tools such as fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging).

Secondly, shift your focus from accepting disease to normal brain function and how we can improve it through techniques such as meditation and mindfulness.

Neuroscience can help leaders to develop self-awareness, better understanding of others, and provide insight into specific tools and strategies to improve cognitive and emotional abilities.


Over the past decade, mindfulness has become a vital topic of greater interest in both the research community and the business space. It offers a set of tools and practices for mastering the mind.

John Kabat-Zin is a founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It is the program that has made tremendous success in healthcare settings, defines mindfulness as: "an open and unbiased image."

Mindfulness tools have been available for thousands of years and have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Companies such as Google, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft, Marriott, Nike have implemented mindfulness training into their leadership programs over the past 10 years.
Leadership program

Our programs for future leaders are designed around the building of self-awareness, resilience, trust, communication, performance and well-being. The main leadership methods and tools that we implement in Leading with Wisdom are developed by:

1) Barrett's Center for Values (7 levels of psychological development, assessment of individual values, assessment of cultural values);

2) University of Pennsylvania (Character Strength Assessment);

3) research by Paul Zach (NeuroTeam View and NeuroView are brain-based tools for measuring trust and psychological safety);

4) Patrick Lencioni (5 dysfunctions in the team);

5) The Institute of Neurological Leadership (SCARF model and growth mindset), etc.

Our WCHPO services were created to bring scientific knowledge to leadership and culture.
Our services include
For organizations:
cultural transformation projects

For teams:
seminars on building trust and cooperation

For leaders:
wise leadership, executive retreats, executive coaching.

Our Solutions:
Human Potential Coaching is our proprietary program that encompasses 6 key pillars of leadership.
WCHPO provides this program worldwide in a variety of formats.

Classes: 3-5 days in class

Training: 3-day program

Accommodation: 9 month high potential program

Format: Short master classes.

All programs are based on the latest research in neuroscience, ancient mindfulness tools and leadership techniques.